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GAALC Yoga school academy in India conducts online Yoga training programs on Skype Google hangouts, Indian Patanjali Yoga online classes are live, one-on-one Yoga learning lessons to learn and practice Yoga for health and fitness Learn how to do Yoga with Indian Yoga guru teachers online lessons affordable low cost online Yoga lessons by Yoga trainer instructors on Skype Free Yoga training You tube video lessons by GAALC

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Yoga Guru Lessons Online: Indian Yoga Training Instructors Online Yoga Trainer Teachers Yoga Learning Classes Online

GAALC - the top rated global Indian Yoga school offers live, real time, one-on-one, interactive online Yoga lessons on Skype or Google hangouts. Live online group Yoga training lessons are also offered by GAALC for a group of 2 / 3 online students. GAALC school of Indian Yoga offers web internet based online Yoga class lessonsIndian Yoga training lessons on Skype and on Google hangouts to learn how to perform Indian Yoga and for learning to practice Yog asanas - Yoga postures. The online Yoga class lessons for beginners learning Yoga postures online are live, real time, interactive, one-on-one private Yoga learning lessons and Yoga training group classes, the online Yoga training program classes are - basic Yoga lessons for kids, beginner Yoga classes for children, Yoga training for teenager girls and boys, beginner and advanced Yoga lessons for elders, Yoga for adult men and online Yoga lessons for women of all age groups. The online Yoga training school faculty at GAALC Yoga learning academy in India includes the famous Indian Yoga training gurus for adults of all age groups, top rated Yoga teachers for children and kids, experienced International Yoga training instructors online for women, best global Yoga guru performers for fitness, qualified senior Yoga trainers online for health and well known Yoga tutors online from India and all over the world.

Online Yoga Training Class Schedules: GAALC online Yoga training lessons class schedules are convenient for almost all the global time zones, the multilingual online Yoga lessons with options of 1 / 2 or 3 online Yoga classes / week with flexible online Yoga class schedules are available for global citizens & non-resident Indians (NRIs) living in Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, South Africa, Fiji, Spain, Germany, Mauritius, Kenya, USA, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, Netherlands, France, Brazil, Mexico, China, Thailand & other countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, North America & South America. The live online classes are conducted on all 7 days of a week from 7 AM to 10 PM India time.

Online Yoga Training Programs: The online Yoga learning programs offered by GAALC to learn and practice Yoga are:
- Introductory Yoga program for beginners – 12 online Yoga lessons.
- Short Term Yoga program – 24 online Yoga lessons.
- Regular Term Yoga program – 48 online Yoga lessons.
- Extended Term Yoga program – 96 online Yoga lessons.
- Unlimited Term Yoga program – Unlimited number of Yoga Lessons and practice for Joy of practicing Yoga.

Online Yoga learning class lessons on Skype / Google Hangouts: Skype Yoga training classes or Google hangouts Yoga lessons offered by GAALC Yoga training school academy in India are of 40 minutes duration each and the online Yoga program students learn about basic and advanced knowledge and practice of Yoga as follows:

Short term and regular term Yoga training programs: include Yoga for beginners, Indian Yoga About Yoga, Yoga for individuals, How to do Yoga, Schools of Yoga, Yoga theory and practice, Yoga for fitness, self health and fitness screening for Yoga, advantages of Yoga, how to practice beneficial Yoga postures for self, Surya Namaskar, Yoga Breathing techniques, basic Yoga postures and compulsory Yog asanas – Yoga postures, Yoga for health, performing Yoga postures in right way, Meditation and relaxation, Yoga postures practice according to specific individual health condition and fitness level requirements.

Extended term and unlimited term Yoga training programs: include basic Yoga training program for beginners and advanced Yoga training program including Indian Yogic sciences and Yogis, learning how to do Yoga, types of Yoga, Yoga theory and practice, International and Indian Schools of Yoga, benefits of Yoga, Yoga for fitness, Yoga therapy, Surya Namaskar, Breathing techniques, Yoga for different health conditions, general health analysis tips for Yoga practitioners and how to select beneficial Yoga postures for health related problems, Yoga Meditation and relaxation, learn practicing Yog asanas – performing Yoga postures in right manner, Yoga practices from India and all over the world, Yoga trainer educational program, specialized Yoga practice etc.

Online Yoga program lessons cost: The cost price of first 24 lessons of online Yoga program lessons for beginners level training in Short term / Regular term / Extended term and Unlimited term online Yoga training programs for one-on-one private Yoga training online classes is as follows - Eligibility - Minimum age 9 years. No maximum age limit Online Yoga Classes: 40 minutes duration class - 4 online Yoga classes per month (1 class / week).

Yoga Online Tuition Fee for one-on-one classes: Online Yoga classes / lessons in English / Hindi & Indian regional languages - payable on Monthly / Quarterly / entire program cost basis:
- Introductory Yoga Program Fee (cost of 12 online Yoga training lessons of 40 minutes duration each): INR Rs. 9024 / US$ 141.
- Short Term Yoga Program Fee (cost of 24 online Yoga training classes of 40 minutes duration each): INR Rs. 17664 / US$ 276.
- Regular Term Yoga Program Fee (cost of 48 online Yoga training lessons of 40 minutes duration each): INR Rs. 34944 / US$ 546.
- Extended Term Yoga Program Fee (cost of 96 online Yoga training classes of 40 minutes duration each): INR Rs. 67200 / US$ 1050.
- Monthly Fee for Unlimited duration Yoga Program (cost of 12 online Yoga training lessons of 40 minutes duration each): INR Rs. 9024 / US$ 141.
- Registration fee (Payable once - with first month fee): INR Rs. 960 / US $ 15.

Yoga online training program cost for group Yoga classes: in English / Hindi languages for a group of 2 / 3 online students - payable on quarterly / half yearly cost basis:
- Fee for each student (cost of 12 / 24 online Yoga training group classes with 2 students): INR Rs. 4920 / INR Rs. 9690.
- Fee for each student (cost of 12 / 24 online Yoga training group classes with 3 students): INR Rs. 3390 / INR Rs. 6540.
- Registration fee for each student (Payable once - at the time of registration): INR Rs. 960

The fresh online classes for one-on-one class students start every week. The group classes (for a group of 2 / 3 students) starts in the first week of the calendar month. Online group classes are subject to availability and advance fee payments for reservation in limited slots available with GAALC.

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