Global Academy of Arts, Languages And Culture

GAALC school academy in India conducts online live, one-on-one training programs in Indian music - online Hindustani classical and Carnatic music classes online Skype Indian classical dance classes and folk dancing lessons online Skype Yoga learning lessons, languages training lessons online, theatre monodrama acting lessons online and short term hobby learning classes online.

About Indian music dance yoga languages training school academy online lessons

About GAALC : Global Academy of Arts, Languages And Culture

GAALC - Global Academy of Arts, Languages and culture : is an international academy offering hobby learning distance education programs with online training class lessons for the promotion and development of Indian and global arts, languages and culture. GAALC as an organization is promoted and managed by a group of senior artists, speciality education professionals and management professionals.

GAALC conducts distance education hobby learning programs of variable term duration for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels with online class lessons and as short term programs (of 24 months duration), regular term (of 36 months duration), extended term duration (of 54 months duration) in Music, Dance, Yoga, Acting Mono Drama and Languages training on Skype or Google hangouts. GAALC also offers the popular short term online hobby learning programs of 3, 6 and 12 months duration for self employment through daily life activities like learning photography, interior decoration, beauty therapy, culinary, make-up artistry, fashion designing and astrology training online etc on Skype or Google hangouts. The unlimited duration hobby e-learning programs in Yoga, Music and Dance with online class lessons on free to use Skype or Google hangouts are offered by GAALC. The online training program lessons are live, real time, interactive classes conducted as one-on-one private online lessons and as group training online lessons for a group of 2 / 3 online students.

At GAALC we are dedicated to offer world-class, high quality, affordable online education and training programs for the promotion and development of Indian / Global arts, languages and culture.

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