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GAALC school academy in India conducts online training programs in Indian classical vocal and instrumental music, classical dance classes, online Yoga training lessons, Hindi singing lessons, Indian languages learning lessons online, theatre monodrama Bollywood acting lessons online, Indian cuisine vegetarian cooking lessons online, Indian Astrology Vaastu learning classes online, Henna Mehandi Body art training classes online, Indian Handicrafts training classes, Interior decoration, Indian cultural studies program online lessons.

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GAALC School Of Indian Cultural Studies : Online Programs

GAALC - Global Academy of Arts, Languages and culture conducts Indian cultural study online programs with live, one-on-one, real time, interactive, informative training class lessons on Skype or Google hangouts. GAALC offers online classes for Indian cultural studies with an opportunity to learn and understand the diverse, multidimensional Indian culture as a whole on the national level and on specific regional level with focus on the specific national and regional customs, traditions, rituals, society and social practices, life style, arts, crafts, languages, occupations, culinary - cuisine, family, fashion - dress styles, performing arts - music / dance / theatre, creative arts, history, religious practices, living, beliefs, festivals, greetings, society, values, perceptions, literature, science etc.

The Indian cultural study online informative training program classes are specially devised for the first time visitors to India interested in a short or long duration stay in India, foreigners visiting India for work assignments, business travellers, spiritual journey, healthcare, leisure travelers, professionals from different fields of activity, sportsmen, students, research scholars, authors, weddings, Indian / foreign partners in marriage, explorers, tourists, actors, businessmen, executives, politicians, script writers, journalists and film / television crews etc. visiting India.

Cultural study programs duration and cost: The short term cultural study multilingual online informative training lessons offered by GAALC are exclusively developed based on a specific learner’s individual interest / purpose and are conducted by the related subject experts in India and regional culture practitioners / specialists so the program duration varies widely according to the specific requirements. The program is offered to individuals and conducted online on Skype or Google hangouts as one-on-one private training program. Group training programs conducted on Google hangouts for a group of 2 to 10 online participants is also offered. The cost of the online informative training program is quoted on individual basis depending on the purpose, duration and number of participants. For further details on the exclusively developed and designed, individual specific interest based programs in Indian cultural studies, contact GAALC.

Regular training programs on Indian culture: GAALC conducts online training programs of various term duration on regular basis in different categories reflecting the rich and diverse Indian culture, for example, Indian Yoga training online lessons, Indian classical and folk Music, Indian classical and folk Dance styles, Indian national and regional Languages training online, learning Indian Vegetarian Cooking – North Indian cuisine and South Indian cuisine, Indian crafts, Indian dress designing / fashion designing, Indian handicrafts, Indian Astrology, Vaastu etc. These regular training programs are conducted online on Skype and Google hangouts as one-on-one private training programs and also as group training programs for small groups of 2 / 3 online students. GAALC conducts online live class lessons on cultural practices in India including the following short term training programs:

1. Indian vocal singing online music training programs - to learn singing Hindustani Classical, Light Hindi classical vocal, Carnatic vocal music, Folk songs of India.
2. Indian instrumental music online training programs - to learn playing Hindustani classical music instruments, Carnatic music & Indian Folk musical instruments.
3. Indian dance online training programs - Indian classical dancing forms, Indian Folk dance styles with regional music, Festive dancing styles of India.
4. Indian Yoga online training programs - Yoga learning and practice sessions for health & fitness, Yoga therapy, Relaxation and Meditation.
5. Indian Languages online training programs - for learning to speak, read and write Hindi - Indian national language, Sanskrit and Indian regional languages.
6. Indian Theatre Drama Acting online training programs - Mono acting lessons in theater styles, Film & Television acting classes and script rehearsals.
7. Indian Culinary online training programs - learn cooking North Indian Vegetarian cuisine and South Indian cuisine, Indian regional recipes.
8. Indian Astrology online training programs - reading Indian Horoscope, Moon signs based Astrology readings. Vaastu Shastra practices, Astro sciences.
9. Indian Herbal Cosmetology online training programs - Hearbal beautician practices, Herbal Beauty therapist, Henna Mehendi Body art & Make-up Artistry.
10. Indian Fashion Dress designing online training programs - Traditional dress designing, Indian classical Embroidery fashion designing, Indian fashion designing.

For further details on the online hobby learning programs offered by GAALC, online Skype music, dance, yoga, theatre and languages training lessons cost, online training instructors, online trainer class schedules, online learning lessons by Indian teachers guru, affordable low cost price online Skype lessons and Youtube free training video lessons. For GAALC online school academy admissions: Contact GAALC.